Outsourcing your
web development
can be amazing.

We're in the business of building relationships with creatives, UI designers and marketeers for
the long-term. Offering a solid and common sense based development approach to building websites and
supporting them.

Who we are

Apart from being really useful (and quite nice) people to have around, we are particular about taking web development briefs and building websites to specification.

We like to think of ourselves as being in the translation business. Translating design concepts into coherent, functioning websites and web applications that our clients love, because their clients love them.

What we do

We build websites to spec but more importantly we support you throughout the process, working alongside agencies and their clients to deliver a polished final product.

We also provide a support infrastructure that incorporates dedicated hosting and management of web services, leaving you free to focus on your client and what you're best at. We recognise that maintaining a relationship with your clients comes at a cost so we offer realistic commercial rates.

We do not

We don't refer to ourselves as “white label”. We're not trying to hide in the background and whether you tell your clients about us is up to you.

We don't promote “PSD to HTML” because there's more to it than that. We're consultants and we work with you to develop a finished product. What we do is not a commodity. We add value to the process and besides, there are better tools than Photoshop for web layouts these days.

Who we
do it for

  • Creative or marketing agencies who don't have in-house development resource or are looking to extend their existing team.
  • People who care about the finished product and value attention to detail.
  • Freelance designers, creatives, business owners or anyone who is just too busy or plainly uninterested in web development but recognises a need for it.

How we do it

By taking advantage of frameworks and libraries on the open source market we can deliver heavy duty functionality within challenging budgets. We don't use proprietary systems because we recognise how important portability is. We work with Wordpress, Drupal, Perch, Symfony, Laravel and Node.js based applications.

Get in touch

If you would like to have a chat or see some examples of our work then drop us a line. We value our clients privacy, so we don't publicly display our case studies.

01799 524238 / hi@riflebuild.co.uk